Sixth Member of LMIC


The new venture promises some seriously twisted fun with its whimsical, modern architecture, bold graphic design, and a foray into Soft Serve Ice Cream and French Fries –

DENVER-(September 17, 2019)-The latest brainchild of the Little Man Ice Cream Company, DANG, opens this Friday in Park Hill at 2211 Oneida Street, in the newly reimagined mid-century strip mall, Oneida Park. Swirling up new ideas is founder Paul Tamburello’s forte. The latest venture introduces a sweet and savory twist on America’s two favorite foods…ice cream and french fries. DANG will be serving its ice cream soft & swirled and pairing it with french fries that can be dunked and cooled in the soft serve or fired up in a house-made “DANG DIP,” Sriracha Ranch sauce.

DANG is a departure in more ways than its innovative menu. Its design takes a bold leap into a modern mash up of design inspirations for the brand most known for its iconic and often nostalgic roadside architecture. “With the reinvention of Oneida Park, DANG was the perfect place to create a hipper, modern approach for our brand’s expansion,” said Tamburello. “We hope that the first words out of our guest’s lips upon entering is ‘Dang!’”

The arresting space was designed by Melissa Friday and Dana Ensing of Xan Creative. “The name uniquely informed the design of this project. Once we landed on ‘DANG’ we knew we had to really bring high energy to this design. In collaboration with graphic designer, Ben Giese, we pulled inspiration from the electric patterns and colors of 80’s pop culture. Having a small box of a building to work with, we decided to treat it more as an object than an environment. This led to big plays with patterns on every surface,” explained Ensing.

Bold black and white patterns punctuate an oversized canted awning, glass window walls and color blocks splatter the space in striking hues of purple, fuchsia, turquoise and royal. Melting lava-lamp-like murals wrap the bathroom walls. Quirky pop-art chairs look like outstretched hands. It is a space that intentionally defies decades. DANG boldly combines the spirit of 80s NYC street artist Keith Herring, the vinyl generation of New Wave Rockers, and a touch of Mid-Century-Modern twisting it all up to embrace something entirely new.

The soft serve menu will be as dramatic as the setting it is served in. Eight flavors will be available solo or swirled every day, including two Vegan options. The opening day “Twisted Menu” includes ‘Nilla Eclipse & Black Raspberry, Iced Matcha & Lilikoi, Caramel Corn & Mexican Chocolate and two vegan flavors, Chocolate Ganache & Orange Dreamsicle. The Bomb Cyclone, DANG’s signature specialty, is a hurricane of blended twists and toppings made to order. Over thirty toppings and dips from Rainbow Sprinkles to Popping Boba’s to Gummy Bears to Bordeaux Cherries to Magic Shell Dips will rotate creating edible artistry and Insta-worthy photos (providing the guest can refrain from licking first).

To celebrate the Grand Opening of DANG, a seriously twisted night of fun is in store. A ribbon cutting ceremony at 7PM will be followed by an 80s themed Silent Disco Costume Ball. A Sound Down DJ will keep the rock & roll vinyl vibe grooving until 11PM. Guests are encouraged to break out their neon, hair gel and iconic 80s band rocker style for a chance to win tickets to the new Mission Ballroom. Guests must be dressed in their 80s best to be entered to win.

Located in the Park Hill neighborhood, DANG will be open Sunday-Thursday from 11AM-10PM, Friday-Saturday from 11AM-11PM. DANG’s 1,500 square foot space seats up to 24 with additional outdoor patio seating. Like all Little Man Ice Cream companies, DANG looks forward to creating a neighborhood hub with special events and community engagement. Tamburello notes, “We are so excited to be a part of Todd Snyder and Rick Firmine’s reinvention of Oneida Park. Their vision and partnership, alongside our amazing tenant partners promises to be a special community gathering place in Park Hill.”


About Dang Soft Serve Ice Cream

DANG is the sixth and latest member of The Little Man Ice Cream Company Family. The company, known for its iconic architecture inspired by nostalgic roadside attractions has taken a decidedly modern twist in its latest venture. The ice cream shop will offer a seriously twisted menu of soft serve ice cream and french fries appealing to both sweet and savory taste buds. The artistic toppings and colorful flavors will be served against a dramatic, modern setting that draws inspiration from 80s pop culture and the arts; 80’s street art, vinyl New Wave rock bands, bold splashes of color and hints of mid-century modern. DANG’s Scoop for Scoop program will donate a percentage of sales to support young and burgeoning artists and musicians in the Park Hill neighborhood. Like all Little Man shops, it will be a neighborhood hub for entertainment, events and community gatherings. DANG is located at 2211 Oneida Street in the newly imagined strip center, Oneida Park, and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. It will be open Sunday-Thursday from 11AM to 10PM; Friday-Saturday from 11AM to 11PM. For more information visit or follow us @dangsoftserve on both Instagram and Facebook.